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Surveys / Results

Current Topics

City of Edmonton FIFA 2026

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Survey

Police Services *

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) *


Previous Topics

Fairness in Assigning Government Programs (MacEwan University)

Professions in Alberta conducted on behalf of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

Carbon Tax *

Nuclear Power and Other Alternative Energy Sources in Alberta *

Manitoba Public Survey

Alberta Provincial Election *

Bighorn Provincial Area Studies

Homelessness in Edmonton on behalf of Hope Mission

Legalization of Cannabis in Alberta *

Zero Emission Vehicles

Gambling, Liquor Consumption, and Cannabis Use in Alberta

Vaping *

Health Care *

Workplace Harassment

Banff National Park

Cannabis and Driving *

Cannabis Regulation *

Farm Branding Study

Post Secondary Education in Alberta

Risks Associated with Cannabis Consumption *

Rural Crime *

Alberta Parks Visitation

City of Edmonton Recreation Survey

Legalization of Cannabis in Ontario *

Quality of Life in your Municipality *

Manitoba Public Policy Issues

Political Climate in Alberta

Calgary Olympic Bid

Trans Mountain Pipeline

Road Safety and Regulation

Alberta/BC Pipeline Dispute

Student Transportation

Bullying, Family Violence, and Elder Abuse

Health Care in Alberta

Alberta Carbon Tax

Legalization of Cannabis in Canada


* study run by Advanis (not sponsored by an external client), so results may be available to government and not-for-profits; inquiries: